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Solar Films is the SouthEast auto tint supply and sun control window film supplier in the US with 20,000 square feet of warehouse space to service your tinting needs. 

Solar control window film blocks the solar heat from passing through glass windows, stops Ultraviolet light, UV, conserves energy and saves home owners money year after after. Go green, conserve energy and save money with solar window film.

Your tint supply wholesale distributor offers tinting tools, shatter resistant window films, safety film, car tint, home film, commercial films, Olfa blades, safety gard, tinting materials, tints, sqeegees and everything else that a tinter needs.

Window tinting materials are a great way to conserve energy & save money on utility bills.

How To Find a Local Tinter / Installer

Call your window film supplier & they will recommend a local window film installer or tint shop that will help you select the right window film to fit your needs.  Call 877.989.3456 for an authorized tinter in your area.

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Auto Tint is available in 20", 24", 30", 36", 40" and 60" rolls by 100 feet long. Commercial & residential window film is available in 36", 48" & 60" widths by 100 feet long. 25 foot increments are available with architectural film.
Tinting tool kits are available that includes olfa & red dot knives, Olfa blades, squeegees and scrapers for tinters.

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

How To Order

We accept all major credit cards, paypal, cash, cashier's checks, and money orders at 804.573.9946 or toll free 877.989.FILM (877.989.3456)

Installers are available throughout the state.
Insulation for your glass.

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Products & Services:
Non Reflective Auto Tint
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Metallic Automotive Films
Ceramic Car Tints
Sun blocking Window Film
Sun Control Home Films
Reflective Films
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Safety Gard Films
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White Matte / Clear Frost Films
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